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Fruit of a partnership between the public and the private sectors, GAINDE 2000 is a young and budding company created in 2002, the expertise of which is partly built on the experience of Senegal which has, since the late 1980s, developed and implemented a set of tools intended to improve customs services.

Initially devised to provide assistance to Senegalese Customs, it has, after only six years, built up a solid know-how thanks to a wide range of tools and methods tried and tested during all our missions.

Now the company’s field of action goes beyond the country’s frontiers, and its solutions take into account the complexity of clearance processes and the local needs of customs administrations.

GAINDE 2000’s business is about developing computer solutions to step up trade and transport efficiency. On the international scene, the company is viewed as a pioneer when it comes to integration of trade facilitation solutions. Engaged in the modernisation of Senegalese customs and trade facilitation since 1995, our experts have developed skills in the following areas:

  • Customs automation
  • Development of IT systems
  • Establishment of Single Windows
  • Establishment of E-payment systems
  • Implementation of computer projects
  • Support and assistance (help desk)
  • Training
  • etc…

Today, GAINDE 2000 has a network of partners that extends its field of expertise, increases its intervention capacity and consolidates its development.

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